Hi! I’m Claudine

A somatic movement educator and yoga & meditation teacher. I’m dedicated to helping you undo learned patterns of habitual stress and tension so you can move freely, relax fully and find more peace within yourself. 

* Join me online via Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic for vital tools to help with stress and anxiety *

Studies prove that for every single thought that goes through the mind, there is a muscular response in the body. 

Every time you tighten your muscles in response to physical, repetitive or emotional stress, you are carving the grooves of habit. Reflexive habits can lead to dysfunctional movement patterns which can lead to pain.

Whether you’ve tried everything (…or nothing) and you’re plagued with ongoing muscular pain or tight, restricted movement, you’re in the right place. When you work with me you will:

  • recognise where you are ‘stuck’ in your body
  • find the root cause of your tension and pain
  • learn how to undo damaging movement patterns
  • improve the way you breathe, move and feel
  • become self-sensing and self-correcting
  • learn tools for life.

Your body learns to adapt to stress, but how you respond will decide whether you go downhill or continue to improve. We can and should improve as we age – what will you choose?

What People Are Saying

Since working with Claudine one-to-one and coming to her weekly yoga classes, I have recovered from pain no end. I came originally with a bad back, severe IBS and chronic pelvic pain. Not only has she found somatic exercises for my back and to help my other pains, she also recommended essential oils that have helped immensely, and showed me a juice cleanse which changed my life! The best thing about Claudine is that she truly cares, and she really wants to help her clients.

If you work with Claudine, know that she can help you on so many levels, you just have to put in as much energy as she does at trying to change your life!

Andie Griffiths

I adore Claudine’s classes. I started at her pregnancy yoga class, which was instrumental to me having a lovely calm birth. I now go to her weekly classes and can honestly say they are a highlight of my week. Claudine is an amazingly gifted and generous teacher and you’ll benefit from her classes no matter what your yoga ability.

Beccy Alford

Three years ago I noticed discomfort and mild pain in my lower back and legs and everyday tasks such as walking, standing still and sitting were becoming uncomfortable. Due to the nature of my work my body was affected from constantly manoeuvring in one direction although I believed this was just part of getting older.

I decided I wanted to improve my mental and physical wellbeing and through regular practice and Claudine’s expert tuition I am achieving my goals and can say as I am writing this I am pain free. I am able to walk, stand, move and sit down without any discomfort and my quality of life has improved considerably.

Craig Anderson

Yoga with Claudine is something that is particularly nourishing on a personal level and provides space for you to let go and really explore your own practice. Her classes allow an individual attention where you feel you’re in safe hands, and her kirtan and meditations are exactly what the world needs more of!

Natasha Beasley



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