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I founded Yoga Seeds back in 2004 and the goal has always been to consciously create a more personalised approach to yoga and meditation.

We’ve come along way since then – grown, evolved and changed.

We stand for all the things you might expect: improved flexibility and mobilitybetter balance and coordinationreduced stressmindfulness and a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing, but there’s so much more. We are about individual learning and personal transformation – a place where amazing things can and do happen!

My approach is both ‘hands-on’ and ‘hands-off’. I guide you to learn best and progress in a way that meets you where you are. Over the years I have developed a knack of seeing where people are in their body and in their experience of themselves. I use this intuitive approach to help you get the most out of our time together.

Mission & values

  • To provide a quiet and welcoming space to learn and practice.
  • To adopt a philosophy of ‘do no harm’.
  • To create a supportive environment that encourages patience and kindness
  • To encourage truthfulness – be who you are without judgement.
  • To share practices that build a solid foundation.
  • To provide the opportunity for personal connection as a means for real support and guidance.

Ready to Make a Change?

A little about me

I started yoga in my late 20’s, really as a last resort. I injured my hip during kick boxing training, and it just snowballed from there. To cut a long story short, I went from being a bit of a fitness freak to being in chronic pain. Being stubborn and a bit naive, I pushed on anyway, and found myself in a cycle on ongoing injury and pain. I tried everything to get back to normal. Some things helped, but not in any lasting way.  I was so frustrated!

Solace in yoga wisdom

My yoga practice became my solace, and changed my life completely.  My teacher, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupanda, gave me a deep understanding of the yoga systems, asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices) being just a tiny part of one system. My daily meditation practice underpins this knowledge and vision. Yoga wisdom is ultimately about self discovery, and how to be truly happy! Understanding the temporary nature and dualities of this world, and the ultimate goal of human existence brings inner strength and real peace. The real essence of yoga is spiritual, way beyond the dictates of body and mind.

Healing journey

In 2014 I finally had the breakthrough I’d been seeking – Clinical Hanna Somatics. I had a series of ‘hands-on’ clinical somatic education sessions that helped me reconnect with muscles and movement patterns I hadn’t sensed for years. I discovered how my brain had been keeping me locked in my compensatory patterns. Practicing yoga postures the way I was almost certainly made it worse. I had been reinforcing my problem without even realising it.

Somatics is an actual solution to muscle tension and pain because it involves the brain. The brain controls the muscles via the nervous system. When you bring the muscles back under the brain’s voluntary control and you can make real, lasting change. Now when I get tension or twinges I can immediately release my tight muscles and move easily again. My yoga asana practice has completely changed, and somatics keeps me moving well. Chronic hip pain is now a thing of the past!

Up close

I live with my husband Ian and together we home educate our 12-year old son. It’s definitely an inspiring and privileged journey to help him follow his interests, and thrive at his own pace.

I love the fresh air, so when I’m not teaching or coaching clients, or involved in home ed activities, I try and make time to get outside and move – which usually means walking or mountain biking in our neighbouring forest. And for winding down – somatic movement & yoga to re-set physically. Getting together with friends for kirtan meditation is what I find to be the very best way to re-set my inner compass.

Professional Bio

I started in the health and fitness industry in 1994 and began my personal yoga and meditation journey a few years later. I have been a student and practitioner of Bhakti Yoga and Mantra Meditation since 2002.

I qualified to teach Hatha Yoga in 2006 and completed foundational training in Yoga Therapy in 2008.  I went on to qualify in other modalities, including Pregnancy and Post-natal Recovery and Mother & Baby.

I have been been immersed in practice and professional training in Hanna Somatics since 2015, and I am a Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatic Movement Coach.



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