90 Days to Breakthrough Pain


“If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it” ~ Thomas Hanna

Regardless of age, many of us suffer from chronic pain. Some of our muscles are ‘stuck’ in the ‘on position’ twenty-four hours a day, continually commanded to tighten, due to the brain’s response to stress. Stress may be positive or negative, and can originate from past accidents and injuries or simply from the way we habitually sit, stand and move.

If you are struggling with pain or feel imbalanced and out of natural alignment, here is your chance to finally break away from your body’s compensatory patterns and chronic muscular tension.

This comprehensive 3-month programme is a path to genuine physical education, awareness and pain relief.  No longer will you feel the need to make continuous appointments with other treatment providers, or feel that you are reliant on painkillers or other short-term solutions.

As your clinical practitioner and coach, I assess then guide you through a series of personal progressive somatic lessons towards long-term pain-free movement.


In this programme you will: 


»  Understand your posture and gait and learn to recognise the problematic movement patterns at the root cause of your chronic muscular tension and pain.

»  Re-programme your brain to regain voluntary control of your habitually contracted muscles through active participation and practitioner guidance.

»  Increase your flexibility, co-ordination and balance, and improve body awareness.

»  Become free from the cycle of injury, and perform better in your chosen sport or physical activities, regardless of your age, condition or fitness level.

»  Gain renewed energy and a better sense of overall well-being, and in turn improve relationships, boost performance at work, and gain positive benefits in all significant areas of your life.

»  Learn the skills to release your own pain, reduce stress and relax at will. Become self-sufficient in your own care, and finally free of the need for ongoing therapeutic treatment. Once learnt, it’s yours to keep forever!


The package includes:

»  Initial assessment and coaching session (90 mins), to include discussion of case history, postural and joint assessment, hands-on assessment to identify areas of muscular tension and an initial practice to isolate problematic movement patterns.

»  Personal roadmap for your programme.

»  Two clinical somatic education sessions (90 mins) per month, according to your personal programme

»  Home movement practice, videoed with coaching; reviewed and revised after each session.

»  Bonus: Ticket to a Restorative or Somatic Workshop during the programme.

»  Bonus: 6-week Somatic Movement Class

»  Unlimited email access for help and advice.


Cost: £595.00

Payment upfront or 3 monthly payments x £210.00 = £630.00

I was in complete despair thinking I would never get over my long standing back pain. I had acute phases which would incapacitate me so that I could not undertake my usual physical activities such as cycling and riding my motorbike. I had the choice of either more chiropractic intervention, which does not offer a permanent fix, or using that money to try this programme. It was the best decision ever.

I came away with a set of exercises tailored to me that I can use to relieve my pain. More importantly, Claudine’s calm, empathetic and hands on approach made me believe it would work, and it did.  I have significantly less pain now and I know how to manage it so that instead of panicking which makes it worse, I have the confidence to know I can relax out of it using my exercises. This literally changed my life!

Dan Ward

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