Are you someone who has been persuaded to utter the words  “I’m just getting old” when you’re feeling less than sprightly? If so, I want to encourage you to STOP and lovingly remove that inevitability from your psyche!

(I bet you’ve said it yourself, or at least thought it. I know I have.)
The thing is, most of us are not called to move anymore, and we certainly don’t move with attention and awareness.  We go to the place called the gym, or sign up for our first half marathon – nothing wrong with that in itself – but we also need to do something regularly that help us stay connected to our kinaesthetic awareness.
When I say “kinaesthetic ,” I mean your brain reaches down and out not only through your eyes, ears and nose, but into your body – into the muscles, bones, and joints and into your inner organic world. Those parts of you are giving you messages all the time, and it can be an eye opener when you start to tune in. You can discover crucially important information about yourself that you might otherwise miss. 

Yoga and Hanna Somatics cultivate kinaesthetic awareness – that’s what these practices are for. If we don’t want to decline with age, we need this awareness. We need to challenge the belief of increased stiffness, less mobility and poor posture as we age.
We can and should improve with age, not degenerate. As Thomas Hanna himself said “nobody is going to improve you other than yourself. No-one has the time, nor the talent, nor, if I may suggest, the concern!”

So don’t become one those of people who equates creakiness with ‘just getting older’. Have a little faith that change is possible and keep going after movement improvement.  Take advantage of the free workshops I’m offering this year, so you can understand this myth and how it relates to you personally.