Clinical Somatic Education (Somatics) is a scientifically-based sensory motor training that teaches you how to regain control of your muscles and movement. You learn a series of specific, slow and focused movements that re-train the brain to relax muscles which have become habitually contracted – usually through lifestyle, injury or stress. Through this re-training of the brain, you regain voluntary control of key muscles, allowing you to completely relax at will.

These movements will help you delete unnecessary tension, move without pain, and allow you to continue to do the activities you enjoy with greater ease and awareness.

Somatic Movement Courses

Experience the transformational effects of these gentle yet highly effective movements in a 6 or 8-week course. Without stretching or forcing, you will learn how to restore comfort and flexibility in your muscles and at the same time learn how to consciously relax. There are so many other benefits from these classes: 

  • Improves mobility, balance and posture
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Staves off the physical effects of ageing (or reverses them)
  • Improves your movement and walking


Course Information

Courses run for 6 or 8 weeks and can be booked online.

90 Days to Pain-Free Movement

Regardless of age, many of us suffer from chronic pain. Some of our muscles are ‘stuck’ in the ‘on position’ twenty-four hours a day, continually commanded to tighten, due to the brain’s response to stress. Stress may be positive or negative, and can originate from past accidents and injuries or simply from the way we habitually sit, stand and move.

If you are struggling with pain or feel imbalanced and out of natural alignment, here is your chance to finally break away from your body’s compensatory patterns and chronic muscular tension.

This comprehensive 3-month personal programme is a path to genuine physical education, awareness and pain relief.  No longer will you feel the need to make continuous appointments with other treatment providers, or feel that you are reliant on painkillers or other short-term solutions.

As your clinical practitioner and coach, I assess then guide you through a series of personal progressive somatic lessons towards long-term pain-free movement.

In this programme you will:

  • Understand your posture and gait and learn to recognise the problematic movement patterns at the root cause of your chronic muscular tension and pain.
  • Re-programme your brain to regain voluntary control of your habitually contracted muscles through active participation and practitioner guidance.
  • Increase your flexibility, co-ordination and balance, and improve body awareness.
  • Become free from the cycle of injury, and perform better in your chosen sport or physical activities, regardless of your age, condition or fitness level.
  • Gain renewed energy and a better sense of overall well-being, and in turn improve relationships, boost performance at work, and gain positive benefits in all significant areas of your life.
  • Learn the skills to release your own pain, reduce stressand relax at will. Become self-sufficient in your own care, and finally free of the need for ongoing therapeutic treatment. Once learnt, it’s yours to keep forever!

Contact me to arrange a free discovery session and see if this programme is a fit for you.

Since working with Claudine one-to-one and coming to her weekly yoga classes, I have recovered from pain no end. I came originally with a bad back, severe IBS and chronic pelvic pain. The best thing about Claudine is that she truly cares, and she really wants to help her clients. I enjoy seeing her every week and I am sad to be moving away. If you work with Claudine, know that she can help you on so many levels, you just have to put in as much energy as she does at trying to change your life!

Andie Griffiths

Three years ago I noticed discomfort and mild pain in my lower back and legs and everyday tasks such as walking, standing still and sitting were becoming uncomfortable. Due to the nature of my work my body was affected from constantly manoeuvring in one direction although I believed this was just part of getting older.

I decided I wanted to improve my mental and physical wellbeing and through regular practice and expert tuition I am achieving my goals and can say as I am writing this I am pain free. I am able to walk, stand, move and sit down without any discomfort and my quality of life has improved considerably.

Thank you Claudine for your patience, understanding, professionalism, enthusiasm and above all sharing your vast knowledge with me. I would have no hesitation recommending you to others and indeed have already done so.

Craig Anderson

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