Somatic Hatha Yoga

Weekly Group Classes

These classes take a somatic approach to the traditional yoga postures (asana) and breathing practices (pranayama) of the hatha yoga system. ‘Somatic’ means to be aware of your own bodily sensations and movement from within; your first-person experience of what it’s like to be in your body. This is a very mindful and individual way of learning yoga


  • Meets you where you are now, whether you’re just beginning or you’re a long-time practitioner wishing to enhance your practice
  • Helps foster a deep sense of internal awareness and an ability to control your body in space
  • An accelerated learning of movement and postures in a safe and effective way
  • Improves flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Builds strength and resilience
  • Teaches you how to properly relax
  • Ideal for those with pain, restriction, injury and for postnatal recovery


Claudine’s classes are a joy. I always feel more grounded, de-stressed and able to sleep better afterwards. Her teaching style stands out from other experiences I’ve had in yoga lessons.  She is very knowledgeable and has the gift of creating a calm group atmosphere while connecting to each of us as individuals . The class is pitched in a way that we can work on what is important for us, rather than striving for some external ideal. Using somatic exercises first to free up our ‘knots’ before moving into the classical yoga postures has worked wonders for my shoulder and neck problems.  Her Restorative Workshops are a treat; I feel rejuvenated afterwards and especially enjoy the calming meditation practice at the end.

Dana Smith

The biggest struggle I had before starting yoga was putting time aside for myself, I seemed to be so heavily focused on work and my family I neglected my own well-being. I have learnt that I am more productive, energized and motivated when I’m in a routine of attending yoga and spend time on my own health and well-being. Even if you think you haven’t the time, just do it! I believe your life will be better when you find time for yoga.

Sue Leigh



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